There are two ways that the term firearm accessories is defined and the first one is that which refers to the reality that they are very much an integral and crucial functional features of the weapon.  It is the idea that firing a weapon is not enough without those functional fixtures to help someone be in a position of engaging and hitting its target successfully.  If one is to just or grade a weapon, it is based on the quality and range of its functional features.  The other way that it is being used is the trimmings from a stocked  gun.

These types of Red dot sight accessories bears the idea of complementing what is lacking in a stocked gun and is usually based on personal preference than functional fixtures.  With these accessories, their use can either make a weapon more efficient or inefficient to its user.

In other words, the basic skills required to become proficient with a handgun won’t change as a result for example of the addition of laser sights.  Also, what is not affected by whatever accessory you put on your firearm are you basic skills of trigger control, safe handling, muzzle control, and others.  This also includes the fundamental handgun skills that should be acquired by shooters of any age, since using a handgun in a highly stressful situation, the muscle memory will take over, and when you get lazy with your shooting form by relying on the laser beam quintain at the sight picture, surprising results are then accomplished.

The point that I want to make is that these types of pistol flashlight accessories are never meant to replace those fundamental disciplines described above, but are meant only as an enhancer of those basic skills.  These firearm accessories should not be used as a shortcut to attain your goals if you are a beginner at shooting, and they are not also meant to just make your firearms look good.  With firearm accessories, your shooting skills are enhanced and not the other way around.

There are shooters whose eyes are not as good as when they were younger so they need to have some accessories to complement this handicap which should be installed so that you can have the kind of sight that you had many years ago when this problem had not yet taken over you and you were hitting your target well even during stressful situations.

Red dot sight, pistol flashlight, reflex sight, pistol lights, bus sight, and others are some other shooting accessories that are intended to reinforce your already proficient shooting skills.  This does not mean that if you are a good shooter than you don’t need to get used to these new accessories once they are installed.


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